“Make-up bag makeover”

Make-up bag makeover

You can have the very best of make-up products in your make-up bag but if you are not applying your products correctly or not preparing your skin adequately for make-up application, you will notice that your make-up will not sit properly on your skin.


  • Are you unsure of how to use various make-up products and tools that are in your make-up bag?
  • Are you struggling with your make-up application techniques eg. eye makeup.
  • Do you feel your make-up does not last you the day or sit properly on your skin?
  • Are you buying the wrong shades for your skin type?


If you have answered YES to any of the above questions than the "Make-up bag makeover” is ideal for you.


This service involves a thorough consultation of what you have in your make-up bag as well as a full make-up application with a make-up lesson.


You will have the opportunity to learn:                                                                                                 

  •  how to use every item in your make-up bag

  •  how to prepare your skin adequately for make-up application and to make it last all day long

  •         how to apply your make-up
  •  how to choose colours to suit you

  •  about what products would further benefit your make-up kit

  •  tips on how to clean your make-up brushes quickly and effectively

  •  Secrets to making your lipstick last longer

  •  how to cover up dark circles under the eyes                       

 Makeup bag makeover

This service is very different to what you get through a make-up service in a department store as Sahara Make-up has an unbiased view of product lines and will have no loyalty to any one  brand.

Sahara Make-up can offer you advice on a variety of products including high street brands.

Not only will you receive a make-up bag consultation and a full make-up application but you will pick up many tips and tricks along the way!


If you would prefer to have your "Make-up bag makeover" in a group, why not get a few friends together in comfortable and relaxed surroundings at home for a girls night in!  

Contact Sahara-Make-up with your group numbers to obtain a discount price.